Minor Bathroom Makeover

Think about how much time you spend in your Bathroom and who uses it. Your bathtub/shower is the most used part of your home. The life of a bathtub/shower is 25 years on average. Most homes are much older and have never been updated. If you only have one bathroom or would like to not lose the use of your bathroom for weeks, a bathtub liner can be a wise choice. Having a bathtub liner installed by qualified professionals is a great way to give your bathroom a new look and saves you time and money. Bathtub liners can be installed in just 1-3 days without having to overspend.

A bathtub liner is a custom acrylic tub that is placed over your existing worn-out bathtub. Then we add a low maintenance and waterproof wall system that is available in simulated tile white subway and other popular colors and styles.

American Kitchen & Baths offers bathtub liners, bathtub replacement and can replace your bathtub with a standup shower, shower pan, and full-length glass shower door. We know the stressful ordeal that comes with the inability to use your bathroom and we are committed to starting and completing your bathroom on-time. We will help you determine which solution best suits your needs.

Bathtub to Shower conversion

Is it time for a bathroom upgrade? If your like most homeowners that have homes that are 30 years old or more chances are that it is time. Why live with a dated bathroom when in less than a week, you new bathroom transformation can be yours for less than you may think.

Convert your old bathtub into a beautiful free-standing shower with glass doors. Customize your dream bathroom to fit your lifestyle. Whatever your Bathroom Makeover dreams are, we have a solution for you that in most cases be installed in as little as 3 to 5 days instead of weeks or sometimes months. Experience, access to quality products and 
Bathliner and waterproof showerwall system

Our goal to provide quick, efficient and affordable service. Our professional installers are friendly and always ready to give their best. If you can dream it, we can build it. You deserve a new bathroom.